Snake Milkers Poster

A low elevation adventure with the Shrub Brothers. With avalanche conditions at extreme danger in the high alpine, these bold explorers take to some unridden terrain that is only accessible from the mighty Snake River. With the many uncertainties that come along with running a 21 mile stretch of whitewater, these riders enlist guidance from the Shrub Brothers, three western men that know a thing or two about thriving in the harsh Wyoming winter environment.

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A Film By
Travis Rice & Nick Koldenhoven
Mark Landvik
Blake Paul
Mark McMorris
Elias Elhardt
Travis Rice
The Shrub Brothers
Kip Shrub..........Dustin Varga
Kelly Shrub..........Garret Eddington
Kenny Shrub..........Mark Landvik
Nick Koldenhoven
Austin Hopkins
Nick Koldenhoven
Russell Chai
Aerial Cinematography
Austin Hopkins
Brantley Sydnor
Voice Over Artist
Vicki Garnick
Dan Olsen - Cosmic Pictures
Sound Mix & Graphics
Austin Hopkins
Still Photographers
Tim Zimmerman
Ben Gavelda
Cover Artist
John Collado
Website Built By
Brian Sweat
Aerial view of boaters on the Snake river.